Between being a photographer, a dentist and a mother of two, you could say I have my hands full. But I wouldn't trade one of my "jobs" for anything. Growing up in Wichita, KS I was always interested in the sciences and had an inkling that I may someday work alongside my father at his dental practice. Despite going away for dental school, I always found a way to balance the "sciences" with the "arts" by exploring my lifelong affinity for photography.

My sister and childhood friends now laugh about the “modeling” shoots that I directed when we were young. They may have just been my guinea pigs, but I truly felt alive whenever I had the opportunity to create.

My first “real” photography work was an engagement shoot for two of my good friends. After positive feedback, I continued to learn. Today I specialize in studio light photography out of my home in Wichita. Given my time constraints, I focus mainly on fine art dance photography, newborn art and child stylized painterly portraits. Nothing is as rewarding as seeing a parent and child in awe of what we created together.

I am eternally grateful for my loving and helpful husband, who is supportive of my pursuit of photography and is an amazing father to our two beautiful girls, Harper and Lola. Some people are surprised to hear that I am a dentist and a photographer. But, to me, they are merely two different art forms: one in creating beautiful smiles, and the other in capturing them on film.